President Donald J. Trump, love him or hate him, has shaken up our Federal Government. An entire generation has, until now, missed the inspiration and influence a true constitutionalist conservative can have on our country.

So what is Trumpmore? Simply put, we support Donald Trump for President in 2024! He was taking the United States from a direction of globalism to nationalism. He is unapologetic for the policies he supports and is without question, by either side, committed to fulfilling the promises he made on his campaign for the presidency.

Trumpmore is a rallying cry for Americans, intent on returning our country to the values that these iconic former presidents stood for, to join together, rise up and take back our country from the hands of socialists.

    • Declared Independence from Tyrannical leaders and an immortal Founding Father, President Thomas Jefferson.
    • The first President of the United States of America, a nation, unlike any other in history, that would be emulated the world over, President George Washington.
    • An honest man of conviction who led a country, intent on destroying itself through Civil War, out of war and into an era where all men truly are created equal, President Abraham Lincoln.
    • Guiding the economic might of the US to eventually be the largest economy in the world, President Theodore Roosevelt

With a country once again on the brink of War, an ordinary man, living the American Dream, professes to return control of the Federal Government to the People and the States while exposing rampant corruption & deceit by career politicians, an out of control bureaucracy and a media controlled by liberals intent on destroying his character and family; President Donald J. Trump.